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3D Train Set for iOS – Launch announce

After near 8 months of work, Crowland Studio is proud to announce it’s┬ásecond mobile video game launch:

3D Train Set. Play and Enjoy with your Kids. Castle adventure and Easter village.



Designed for kids this game is really easy to use and very fun. With a Smart Track System, kids could just start creating really complex railroads, including bridges and whatever kind of intersection between the tracks.


Also train is equipped with last safety driver mode ;) so forgot about any issue during the travel. Just adjust the speed, play with the cameras and enjoy the travel.

Two amazing worlds for discover
Your kids could choose between The Castle Adventure or The Easter Village to build his own railroad or play directly with prebuilded ones.

The Castle Adventure
Explore the world around this amazing castle. It has a treasure inside but aware the Red Knight who protects it.
Recollect coins and giant diamonds. Interact with the magic rainbows and bubbles to discover what happens.
Discover an extra world switching between day and night.

The Easter Village
Explore the magical Easter Village and collect as many eggs you can ;)
Meet the Easter Rabbit and his giant King Egg.

The Cat
Did you meet The Cat? Yes, he likes walk a lot, run and jump exploring the Castle or walking around the Easter village.
Let’s your kids play as The Cat, with totally freedom and second point of view that brings a complete different experience while the train is running on the railroad.

And that’s just the beginning.
The game will be available next week for iOS (hopefully) and we’re working in new updates and Android version.

Stay tuned.