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Susuwatari. Our first mobile video game.

We just rebuild the website and we want to share again things about our first mobile video game published past March available for iOS and Android for free: Susuwatari

After the hype related to Flappy Bird, we wanted to know how much time and which kind of issues are present making a game “inspired by” :)

Yes, you’re right. Susuwatari is not a common name easy to remember and maybe you don’t recognise this cute character from Hayao Miyazaki‘s movies (My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away). Susuwataris are soot sprites.

Then we thought they don’t like fire so much and they will bounce like gelatine :)   Also it’s well known they love star-shaped japanese candies called “kompeito”. So in the game if they don’t eat these candies they will disappear.

And that’s it … for the first release. Stay tunned … we want to update the game in near future with new ideas.


Also you have available a video of the game play: