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If you have experience publishing apps, maybe you will share the same feeling and experience:

1. You worked hard making a very good mobile app. Bug free ;) , responsive, with cool design and great user experience.

2. Also your idea is really cool and useful.

3. The great day was there and you publish the app.

And what happens then …. Usually you and your app are swimming between other one million good ideas … So your app has near zero downloads … Or less than you expected.

The main reason is just because people is finding the apps in main three ways:

1. AppStore charts: so you must be on top 50 to be discovered … Or featured by Apple ;) it’s not easy ;) and not depend on us …

2. Ads: spend a lot of money in main ads networks could bring you some downloads … In most of cases we don’t have big budgets like SuperCell to do this ;)

3. Recent surveys says that more than 60% of downloads are results of searching inside the appstores.

Of course the third way is the first we can try to optimize, depend on us and we can do it without spend a lot of money. How? Using ASO best practices and tools.

When you publish an app, you’re able to select the title of the app, the description, the keywords (Apple) and the screenshots.
ASO is just to improve downloads by cycles monitoring and improving your keywords and use the best practices selecting the screenshots and the other elements. And how could we do this?

After try many tools we found and really we never see something like this. Their tools are powerful and easy to use. Also with a simple step by step and best practices you can improve the search results for your app.

They provide an easy method for test your keywords and select and improve it. Also really great to select keywords for a new application or improve it in cycles.

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But it’s not only about good tools, their blog is full of articles you need to read if you want to win inside the sea.

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