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Sensortower in detail

In this previous post we explain why is important take care of ASO (AppStore Search Optimization) and we introduce an amazing tool called that simplifies and brings a methodology for continuous improvement in your keywords and much more.

It’s designed to track your apps in the stores but also helps you before launching a new app. In this case we will explain how we used to select the keywords based on few parameters provided by this tool.

On the left side of the main screen you have all the tools provided by sensortower.Captura de pantalla 2014-07-12 a la(s) 20.00.31

Keyword Research

When you’re launching a new app you need to choose the related keywords. But how could we know if they’re the right ones?

We follow these easy steps:

- We take note of each keyword that make sense related to our game.

- We use keyword research for each one:

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 10.13.21 AM

You will see 5 parameters, values between 0 and 10:

- Traffic: estimated traffic generated by this keyword.

- iPhone/iPad difficulty: score for this keyword on iPhone/iPad

- iPhone/iPad apps: how many apps are listing using this keyword

You must start selecting all the keywords of your list with:

- traffic > 0     :)

- difficulty < 1.5  (it’s a good score to start)

When your app could rank high with “each” keyword you could consider try others keywords with higher difficulty.

Of course this is a cycle-based process. You must track how your keywords are performing and improve continuously. You can track keywords in a easy way with keywords ranking:

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 10.34.32 AM

Brainstorming – Keyword Spy

It’s also good idea to look your competitors about which keywords they’re using.

You could take a look with the keyword spy tool:

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 10.26.56 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 10.29.30 AM

And that’s it for the moment.

3D Train Set for iOS – Launch announce

After near 8 months of work, Crowland Studio is proud to announce it’s second mobile video game launch:

3D Train Set. Play and Enjoy with your Kids. Castle adventure and Easter village.



Designed for kids this game is really easy to use and very fun. With a Smart Track System, kids could just start creating really complex railroads, including bridges and whatever kind of intersection between the tracks.


Also train is equipped with last safety driver mode ;) so forgot about any issue during the travel. Just adjust the speed, play with the cameras and enjoy the travel.

Two amazing worlds for discover
Your kids could choose between The Castle Adventure or The Easter Village to build his own railroad or play directly with prebuilded ones.

The Castle Adventure
Explore the world around this amazing castle. It has a treasure inside but aware the Red Knight who protects it.
Recollect coins and giant diamonds. Interact with the magic rainbows and bubbles to discover what happens.
Discover an extra world switching between day and night.

The Easter Village
Explore the magical Easter Village and collect as many eggs you can ;)
Meet the Easter Rabbit and his giant King Egg.

The Cat
Did you meet The Cat? Yes, he likes walk a lot, run and jump exploring the Castle or walking around the Easter village.
Let’s your kids play as The Cat, with totally freedom and second point of view that brings a complete different experience while the train is running on the railroad.

And that’s just the beginning.
The game will be available next week for iOS (hopefully) and we’re working in new updates and Android version.

Stay tuned.

ASO and

If you have experience publishing apps, maybe you will share the same feeling and experience:

1. You worked hard making a very good mobile app. Bug free ;) , responsive, with cool design and great user experience.

2. Also your idea is really cool and useful.

3. The great day was there and you publish the app.

And what happens then …. Usually you and your app are swimming between other one million good ideas … So your app has near zero downloads … Or less than you expected.

The main reason is just because people is finding the apps in main three ways:

1. AppStore charts: so you must be on top 50 to be discovered … Or featured by Apple ;) it’s not easy ;) and not depend on us …

2. Ads: spend a lot of money in main ads networks could bring you some downloads … In most of cases we don’t have big budgets like SuperCell to do this ;)

3. Recent surveys says that more than 60% of downloads are results of searching inside the appstores.

Of course the third way is the first we can try to optimize, depend on us and we can do it without spend a lot of money. How? Using ASO best practices and tools.

When you publish an app, you’re able to select the title of the app, the description, the keywords (Apple) and the screenshots.
ASO is just to improve downloads by cycles monitoring and improving your keywords and use the best practices selecting the screenshots and the other elements. And how could we do this?

After try many tools we found and really we never see something like this. Their tools are powerful and easy to use. Also with a simple step by step and best practices you can improve the search results for your app.

They provide an easy method for test your keywords and select and improve it. Also really great to select keywords for a new application or improve it in cycles.

Captura de pantalla 2014-07-12 a la(s) 20.00.31
But it’s not only about good tools, their blog is full of articles you need to read if you want to win inside the sea.


Susuwatari. Our first mobile video game.

We just rebuild the website and we want to share again things about our first mobile video game published past March available for iOS and Android for free: Susuwatari

After the hype related to Flappy Bird, we wanted to know how much time and which kind of issues are present making a game “inspired by” :)

Yes, you’re right. Susuwatari is not a common name easy to remember and maybe you don’t recognise this cute character from Hayao Miyazaki‘s movies (My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away). Susuwataris are soot sprites.

Then we thought they don’t like fire so much and they will bounce like gelatine :)   Also it’s well known they love star-shaped japanese candies called “kompeito”. So in the game if they don’t eat these candies they will disappear.

And that’s it … for the first release. Stay tunned … we want to update the game in near future with new ideas.


Also you have available a video of the game play:

New website

Well after some short time with the old website, we decide to revamp it to improve content organisation, look and feel, …

Basically we want to share with you things like our next releases, progress in new projects and things that we found interesting about the mobile ecosystem.

If you found any content of your interest, please don’t hesitate to comment.

Welcome to CrowlandStudio.